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Batna Flights:
Flights to Batna
image of Batna The city of Batna is in northern Algeria, and it has a long history even though it is a quite modern city today. It is in the more populated part of Algeria, so there are very good roads and many other smaller towns nearby if you are getting out and seeing a little more of the countryside outside of Batna itself.

The local Batna International Airport (airport code: BLJ) is where flights to Batna from Johannesburg will arrive, nd there are several airlines offering two stop routes. A flight to Batna with British Airways goes through London and Lyon, but with Air France you will have stop-overs in Paris and Algiers instead. South African Airways is a third option, and their route transfers in Cairo and then again in Algiers. This is the same route as a flight to Batna with Egyptair.
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The Tourist Attractions of Batna:
Belzma National Park

The protected Belzma National Park is almost immediately west of Batna city limits, and can give you a chance to see several endangered Algerian species of animals. The Serval cat is the rarest animal in the park, and you may also see gazelles, Barbary sheep, and other similar animals. Most of the park is very hilly, with some regions of rockier mountains. It’s an ideal place to hike if you like a strenuous walk that goes through many different ecosystem areas.

Timgad Ruins

There is a city of ancient Roman ruins about 30km east of Batna. You can see the entire city layout, including still-standing pillars and the very impressive Trajan’s Arch. Though most of the buildings’ walls are now low, you can still see the library, bathhouses, a large basilica, the city square and a large theatre that is actually still in use.

Saharan Atlas National Park

It will take a little more driving to the west, but the Saharan Atlas National Park is still within a reasonably short distance from Batna. You will find higher mountains here than in the Belzma park, and the scenery is quite different. There is access to the park from several main roads just outside of M'Sila.


The city of Constantine is just over an hour away from Batna, and there are many other attractions there for at least one day's entertainment. Several high gorges with bridges are all popular places right along the outskirts of the city, particularly the Gantaret el Hibal. It's one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. There are also several good museums, the Ben-Badis mosque and the Soumma Mausoleum. Another site of ancient Roman ruins is north of the city at Tiddis.
When Should You Visit?:

The climate in Batna covers all four seasons, so you can plan your trip according to what type of weather you prefer. Summers are hot and dry, with the average daytime high temperature being 34C (92F) in July and August. The spring and autumn months are much more comfortable for outdoor sightseeing. Winters are cool but it can drop to below freezing in the evenings. The coldest weather usually occurs in December and January, with temperatures reaching just 11C (52F).

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