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Douala Flights:
Flights to Douala
image of Douala Douala is Cameroonís largest city and is home to the countryís largest port too, making this the economical heart of the country. Itís mainly an industrial city, but even so there are museums, parks and scenery to see in and around Douala.

Flights to Douala arrive at the Douala International Airport (airport code: DLA), about 10 kilometres outside of the city. Although many African-based airlines offer flights to Douala , only South African Airways has direct flights from Johannesburg. A flight to Douala with Ethiopian Airlines will just stop once in Addis Ababa, and with Kenya Airways you will have 2 connections in Gabarone, and Nairobi, so if the timings and cost are right, then South African Airways is probably the best option for a flight to Douala.
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The Tourist Attractions of Douala:
Douala Museum

The main museum for the city, the Douala Museum, is a couple of attractions in one. Itís housed within the city hall building, which is obviously an important landmark for Douala, and the museum focuses on the history of Cameroon, and in particular the Bamoun and Bamileke people. Exhibits include carvings, sculptures and artwork.

Douala Water Park

Douala is a relatively hot city, and once youíve warmed up by doing some sightseeing a great place to cool down and have some fun is at the Douala Water Park. It has all the usual slides that are perfect for all ages.

Korup National Park

One of Cameroonís best known national parks, Korup is located to the north of Douala, and though itís a fairly long drive most visitors will say itís worth making the effort! Itís actually the most accessible rainforest national park in Cameroon, and is entered via the Mana suspension bridge which is the official entrance to the park, and slightly hair-raising! There are over 400 species of birds, and numerous animals and reptiles too that can be seen either by walking, or by taking a boat trip.

Douala Edea Wildlife Reserve

Closer to Douala is the Douala Edea Wildlife Reserve. Its proximity to the city, and itís diverse range of flora and fauna, make this a popular park to visit. The relatively small Forest Elephants are a common sight, and there are primates and antelopes too, as well as a number of species of water-dwelling creatures like the West Africa Manatee, crocodiles and alligators.

Mount Cameroon

To the west of Douala is Mount Cameroon. This is an active volcano consisting of two peaks, that doesnít just have to be admired from a distance Ė the top is accessible via a roughly four and a half hour hike, provided youíre relatively fit as the climb is steep. On a clear day the views are quite spectacular though, and youíll get to see what life is like on the top of an active volcano.
When Should You Visit?:

Thereís really very little variation in the temperature across the year in Douala, as it swings by only a couple of degrees between 25 and 27.6C. Douala is quite a wet city so thereís rain across the year, though you may want to avoid the wettest months, which are July to September.

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