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Libreville Flights:
Flights to Libreville
image of Libreville Libreville is a city on the coast in the north of Gabon, and itís the capital and largest city of the country. Though itís the largest city Libreville isnít home to that many people when compared to other large African cities, and so itís actually a nice place to visit with beaches, shopping and culture to enjoy.

Eleven kilometres north of Libreville, is the Libreville International Airport (airport code: LBV) which is the main airport for international flights to Libreville and Gabon as a whole. You can get 1-stop flights to Libreville from South Africa with either Kenya Airways or Ethiopian Airlines. The first will make a connection in Nairobi, and the second has a stop in Addis Ababa. A flight to Libreville with South African Airways will make transfers in Lagos and Douala instead.
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The Tourist Attractions of Libreville:
Libreville is a popular city with tourists even though itís not particularly heavily gifted with tourist attractions. It has a friendly atmosphere which more than makes up for the lack of specific attractions, and itís the kind of place that you come to take things easy. The locals are very friendly and laid-back, with a Ďno-rushí attitude that will probably exasperate some tourists, but be loved by others!

Cultural Attractions in Libreville

Despite the lack of many attractions, Libreville is a nice place to wander around, soaking in the atmosphere. Similar to some cities on the Mediterranean, Libreville tends to close down for several hours during the main heat of the day, between 12 and 3, so youíll need to plan to shop or visit museums outside of this time. Talking of museums, the city has the National Museum of Arts and Traditions where you can see and find out more about the culture of the city and Gabon as a whole, plus there are two cultural villages to visit within the city too.

As for landmarks, Libreville features a pretty, old wooden carved church, named St Michaelís , and there is also the Libreville Cathedral, named St Marieís.

For shopping you can visit the main city centre and browse a number of good shops, though the prices here can be expensive. You may find more in the way of bargains in one of Librevilleís two markets: Marche Atisanal, and Marche Mont-Bouet. The former features jewellery, clothes, art and more, while the latter is the main market for Libreville where anything and everything is sold!

Librevilleís Beaches

The major attraction of Libreville is the beaches, as they are very attractive, and relatively quiet. The further you head out from the city centre the quieter they get, so you can often find a beach almost to yourself, such as Cap Esterias or Cap Santa Clara. If youíd like to travel to a beach by boat, and be able to enjoy some great views of Libreville, then visit Pointe Denis. Itís on a peninsula, and takes about 25 minutes to get to by boat.
When Should You Visit?:

Libreville has a long wet season, from September to May, during which time a large amount of rain falls and temperatures remain around an average high of 28 to 30C. During the short lived dry season temperatures are a few degrees lower, though even at this time of year itís not guaranteed to stay completely dry!

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