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Morocco Flights:
Flights to Morocco
image of Morocco Morocco is situated in North Africa and has a long coastline which extends from the Atlantic Ocean round to the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has a border with Algeria and Western Sahara, a territory which is administered by Morocco but is in dispute.

Morocco is served by four main airports in: Casablanca (airport code: CAS), Agadir (airport code: AGA), Marrakech (airport code: RAK), and Rabat (airport code: RBA). Flights to Morocco from South Africa are indirect with at least one stop. One stop flights to Morocco from South Africa are available to Casablanca through airlines such as Emirates, South African Airways, Air France and Egyptair. Rabat also welcomes one stop flights from South Africa through Air France. All of the aforementioned airlines also provide flights to Marrakech and Agadir via two stops.
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The Tourist Attractions of Morocco:
Morocco is an attractive and friendly country which has a great selection of interesting cities where ancient meets modern, as well as nice beaches and plenty more.


Although Rabat is the capital of Morocco this is perhaps one of the least known tourist destinations in the country, being left out in favour of cities like the famous Casablanca. However, Rabat is actually a very nice city, and being smaller than Casablanca has a more relaxed atmosphere, making this the perfect place to get to know Morocco better.

The Old Medina, as with many of Morocco’s cities, is always popular, though the Medina’s in Fez and Marrakech are larger. Other attractions include the Kasbah, the National Archaeological Museum, the Hassan Tower and Royal Mausoleum, and Chellah.


The largest city in Morocco is Casablanca. Though famous, Casablanca is very busy and may be a little overwhelming for some visitors, but it’s a popular entry point for flights to Morocco so should be worthy of spending some time here before heading off. The Medina is one of the popular attractions, though again, this is not a large one when compared to Fez and Marrakech. Other attractions include the world’s second largest mosque, King Hassan II Mosque. One of the few mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims this is a mosque that visitors should definitely take the time to experience.


Fez is a very popular city for its historic attractions. This was the Medieval capital of Morocco and has the best preserved old city in the Arab world. The ancient walled city contains such a labyrinth of streets, and of course the large Medina area, that this city warrants spending several days soaking in the ambiance, and trying not to get lost!


The third largest city in Morocco is Marrakech. The markets (called souks) are very popular here. You can buy many different things, and enjoy the sounds and smells as you walk past spice shops! Marrakech also offer visitors the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs, the attractive El Bahia Palace, the ruined El Badi Palace and the Dar Si Said Museum.

Other Cities in Morocco

The above are the main four cities in Morocco, but the country also has many others which are historic and attractive. Amongst these are Tangier, Tetouan and Amizmiz.

Morocco’s Beaches

With its extensive coastline, Morocco has many great beaches to choose from. Agadir is one of the most popular destinations for beaches. Agadir has the benefit of multiple attractions – a city for exploring, attractive scenery surrounding it, and nice beaches where visitors will find hotels and services.
When Should You Visit?:

Morocco generally has a Mediterranean climate which becomes more extreme inland where there are mountains and deserts. Visitors should expect to find hot and dry summers (May to September) and mild, rainy winters, especially along the coast.

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