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Bangor Flights:
Flights to Bangor
image of Bangor Bangor is one of the smallest cities in the UK and itís located in North Wales in the county of Gwynedd by the Menai Strait; a stretch of water that separates the Isle of Anglesey from the mainland.

Bangor doesnít have its own airport so there are no direct flights to Bangor from South Africa. There are however several regional airports within reach of the city so you can get a flight to Bangor arriving in Manchester or Liverpool and catch a train from there. These flights from South Africa will first have a connection in London and flights are available with airlines including South African Airways, BMI, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.
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The Tourist Attractions of Bangor:
Considering Bangor is such a small city itís surprising that it has a university, but itís the students who keep the city young and lively and definitely help with making Bangor more of a tourist destination than it might otherwise be. The fact that Anglesey is so close by also helps to encourage visitors to Bangor and youíll find the city and the surrounding region has a variety of things to see and do.

Bangor Pier

Known as both Bangor Pier and Garth Pier, the old Victorian era pier in Bangor is one of the longest piers in the UK. It runs 472 metres out from the coast and was almost demolished in the 1970s because it was badly deteriorated. Locals stepped in and saved the pier and in the 1980s it was restored. Today you can walk along the length of it and enjoy the views back to Bangor.

Bangor Cathedral

Probably Bangorís most prominent landmark is Bangor Cathedral. Itís situated on a spot where there has been religious activity since the 6th century, and although prominent the cathedral is actually located in a low-lying position. Itís thought that it was built here so that raiders coming by sea could not see it and hence wouldnít want to attack. Despite this theory the cathedral has been destroyed and re-built a number of times in its history!

Penrhyn Castle

A little way outside Bangor is Penrhyn Castle. The foreboding castle is actually a country house that was designed to look like a Norman era castle. Though foreboding and grey itís actually a very beautiful structure and since being owned by the National Trust Penrhyn Castle has been open to the public. As well as the castle building visitors can tour the gardens, several different museums, and an adventure playground for children.

Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery

Back in the centre of Bangor is the Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery. This is a good place to visit if youíre interested in finding out more about the history and culture of Bangor and Gwynedd.
When Should You Visit?:

Bangor has a mild and fairly damp climate across the year. Summers are the best time to visit for sightseeing as temperatures can be warm with average highs reaching into the low 20ís C. Winters are not harsh but being a generally damp climate it can feel cooler than it is.

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