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Cardiff Flights:
Flights to Cardiff
image of Cardiff Cardiff is the largest city and capital of Wales in the United Kingdom. Located in the south east of Wales, Cardiff has grown to become one of the UKís most important cities in terms of culture and sporting events and is a major tourist destination.

The Cardiff Airport (airport code: CWL) is 16 kilometres outside of the city, and there are public bus routes and rail service for easy transit. It's the only international airport in Wales, and serves more than a million people each year. You can get a one-stop flight to Cardiff from South Africa with KLM that transfers in Amsterdam, but the rest all have 2 stops. Flights to Cardiff with BMI and Virgin Atlantic both connect in London and then Glasgow, or you can go a different way with Air Kenya. Their flight to Cardiff transfers in Amsterdam and Nairobi.
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The Tourist Attractions of Cardiff:
Until recent years Cardiff was an industrial city and not particularly popular as a tourist destination. This has all changed over the last few decades and itís now become one of the UKís most popular cities. Cardiff is particularly popular with sports fans as there are many national and international events held here. The city also has many landmarks and cultural attractions, being that itís an ancient city thatís been inhabited for over two thousand years.

Cardiff Castle

Right in the heart of the old city of Cardiff is Cardiff Castle; one of the cityís top landmarks and most popular attractions. Cardiff Castle dates right back to Roman times as a fort was first built here in AD 55. In the year 1091 it was rebuilt by the Normans and during Victorian times it was renovated and altered to what you see here today. Parts of the Norman castle are still here such as the Norman keep, but much of the castle that was built in Victorian times is in the Gothic Revival style.

The large castle is open to the public for tours where you can get to see large parts of it and enjoy the on-site museum exhibits.

Millennium Stadium

Along with Cardiff Castle one of the bets known landmarks is the Millennium Stadium. This was built in the 1990s and opened in time to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Today there are many sporting events, concerts and other things going on here at different times of the year. You may be able to catch an event while youíre visiting Cardiff, or take the recommended tour that shows you behind the scenes.

Wales Millennium Centre

Another piece of modern architecture is the Wales Millennium Centre. Itís a major cultural centre and is known fondly as the Armadillo because of its shape! Thereís a large concert hall and two smaller ones plus shop, bars, restaurants.

The Cardiff Museum

Cardiff is home to a number of museums but if youíre interested in the local history then the best one to visit is the Cardiff Museum. This museum tells the story of how Cardiff developed into the large city that it is today from a small town.
When Should You Visit?:

Cardiff has a mild climate that gives the city warm and quite sunny summers with an average high of 22C in July. Rainfall is fairly consistent across the year but usually a little lower from April to July. In the winter itís mild and damp with an average high of 8 in January.

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