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St Davidís Flights:
Flights to St Davidís
image of St Davidís Named ĎSt Davidís and the Cathedral Closeí, though more commonly known just as St Davidís, this city in Wales is actually the smallest city in Britain and the only one to lie entirely within the boundaries of a national park. The cathedral is doubtless the main attraction here, but with stunning, rugged coastal scenery too, St Davidís makes a great little tourist destination.

There are no airports in the immediate vicinity for international flights to St. Davidís but Cardiff Airport (airport code: CWL) is about a 2 hour drive from the city through some pleasant countryside. The only flight to St. Davidís (arriving in Cardiff) from South Africa that has one connection is with KLM, and they have a transfer in Amsterdam. If you'd rather stop in London and Glasgow, you can fly with Virgin Atlantic or BMI. For something a little different, you can transfer in Nairobi with Kenya Airways.
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The Tourist Attractions of St Davidís:
With a population of less than 2,000 people St Davidís is easily Britainís smallest city yet itís always been an important place because itís the final resting place of Walesís patron saint, Saint David.

St Davidís Cathedral

The large cathedral is the main landmark of the city and the best known tourist attraction. The city was actually built around the cathedral and the monastic community thatís existed here for over 1400 years was founded by Saint David himself.

The current St Davidís Cathedral is not this old though it still dates back to 1181. Thereís been damage and repair since then, and extensive renovations and remodels, as well as adding buildings to the complex such as the Bishopís Palace which is now in ruins.

Other Landmarks in St Davidís

Along with the Cathedral and the ruined Bishopís Palace there are several other landmark tourist attractions in the city of St Davidís. These include the 13th century built Tower Gate, and the Celtic Old Cross. St Davidís Lifeboat Station is also somewhat of a local landmark, built on stilts above the water with a ramp to launch the lifeboats into the sea at speed. The station can be visited for a small donation.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

As well as being the smallest city in Britain St Davidís is the only city to lie entirely within a national park. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, as the name suggests, spans a length of coastline in the county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. Inside the national park region youíll find a varied coastline with plenty of scenic beauty. There are sandy beaches, cliffs, rugged hills, estuaries and more to explore, as well as inland sections where there are forests and marshes too.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail also crosses through the national park and St Davidís is a popular base for hiking sections of this pathway. Or if you enjoy getting onto the water itself, kayaking is also a popular pastime in the St Davidís area.
When Should You Visit?:

Like the rest of Britain St Davidís has a relatively mild, temperate climate. Rainfall is possible throughout the year but for usually lower rainfall amounts and warmer temperatures you should visit during the summer months, particularly July and August. Spring can be a nice time too, while winters are cool and damp.

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